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S19-07-Dupli Checker

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Software Profile

Product Dupli Checker
CompanyAddress: Hamad Ben Mohammed St, Creative Tower – Fujairah – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971-56-8927183
Software-Type Online
Test DateNovember 2018 – November 2019


Dupli Checker presents itself as a plagiarism checker. It is a free tool, but each search is limited to 1,000 characters). It does not focus on any specific users or purposes. There is no information about who operates it available at the website, we were also not able to receive such information when we asked directly via email. The website offers a variety of tools such as a paraphrasing tool and many search engine optimization (SEO) and other website management tools. Additionally, according to the statement found on their web site, they “have delivered over 1,000,000 pages of high-quality content which attracts large amounts of traffic to [their] client’s websites” (Dupli Checker, 2019), so that it appears that they also offer a copywriting service.

Pros & Cons

  • Users do not need to sign in to the system, they can use it for free.
  • Dupli Checker system has very low results in both single and multi source coverage, and usability results are low as well.
  • Users can download result reports, but similar text parts are not highlighted, and tested text in Latvian language is not readable, because many characters are replaced with „?“.
  • Maximum 1000 words allowed per search.
  • The system returned errors for invalid document type although the user tried to upload several types of accepted document types (see one case in screenshots).

Coverage results

Single source

Multi source

Usability results

Workflow process usability

  • Can upload and test multiple documents together
  • Auto-fill metadata for documents
  • The system uses original file names for report
  • There are no word limit for the testing document
  • The system display text in the chosen language only
  • The system can process large documents (for example, a bachelor thesis)

Result presentation usability

  • Reports are downloadable
  • Results are saved in the user’s account and can be reviewed afterwards
  • Matched passages are highlighted in the online report
  • Matched passages are highlighted in the downloaded report (offline)
  • Evidence of similarity is demonstrated side-by-side with the source in the online report
  • Evidence of similarity is demonstrated side-by-side with the source in the downloaded report
  • Document formatting is not changed in the report
  • Document page numbers are shown in the report
  • The report is not spoiled by false positives

Other usability aspects

  • System costs are clearly stated in the system homepage
  • Information about a free system trial version is advertised on the web-page
  • The system can be integrated as an API to a learning management system
  • The system can be integrated with the Moodle platform
  • The system provides call support
  • The call support is provided in English
  • English is properly used on the website and reports
  • There are no external advertisements



Dupli Checker. (2019). Dupli Checker – About us. Retrieved from

Company Statement

DupliChecker envisions to be the most user-centric company. We set out to develop one-stop-destination by providing classy digital tools.

Our frenzy attitude towards technology, web tools, and interminable pursuit for innovation makes us the leading online web portal where the users can find a complete solution to their problems. 

Unrivaled Experience: DupliChecker envisions to roll out online tools with inimitable features and characteristics. We know that our tools are making a significant difference. Our team is continuously working to improve user experience with our web portal. 

Surpassing Expectations: We encourage innovative attitudes to penetrate advanced technology for the creation of online tools.

Delivering Exciting Web Utilities: DupliChecker leaves no room when it comes to delivering exciting online utilities. By deploying advanced technological advancement, we have always remained the ultimate vanguard to provide refined solutions. 

Vision Statement

Since our inception, we have never looked back and are continuously developing tools that could benefit people from every walk of life. 

The pursuit of Innovation: We have a passion for delivering unmatchable solutions to our users. From our research and development to final executions, the entire process is segregated into multiple segments to give our users an unexplored experience. 

The DupliChecker Way: We have emerged as a distinct brand and that is reflected in our web utilities. Our quality and worthy tools define what we have developed for our users. 

Core Values 

Our Core values are comprised of: 

  • Integrity 
  • Sincerity
  • Curiosity
  • Diversity 
  • Innovation

To stand out from the rest in the future, we are uplifting our employees by embedding a creative approach in them. We know that our employees are our core assets, and they are the ones making DupliChecker not only a brand but an online portal for delivering quality solutions.