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Software Profile

PlagScan GmbH,
Subbelrather Strasse 15,
50823 Cologne,
Phone: +49 221 75988994
Software-TypeOnline, integrations with Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard Open LMS, LTI and other learning management systems via API
Private Plans: 4,99 € – 39,99 €
Schools (K-12): 249 € – 699 €
Higher Education: Campus / Department Licenses (contact sales)
Business: 15,99 € – 20,99 € / month
Large Enterprises: (contact sales)
Test DateNovember 2018 – November 2019


PlagScan presents itself as a plagiarism checker. It is operated by the German company PlagScan GmbH and was launched in 2009. They state that they have more than 1,500 organizations as customers. Although they focus on higher education, high schools, and businesses, PlagScan is also available for single users. They search the internet using MS Bing, published academic articles, their so-called “Plagiarism Prevention Pool”, and optionally a customer’s own database. PlagScan offers multiple pricing plans for each type of customer, there are apparently also now options for a free trial.

Pros & Cons

  • System found some similarities in translations from English to German and Slovak to Czech languages.
  • It is possible to download both PDF reports and detailed Word document files with similar text sources in comment section (see in screenshots).
  • This system did not find any similarities in multi source documents in Slovak language, but found most of similarities in English multi source documents.
  • It has low results for finding similarities in documents with texts from online articles in Czech, Slovak and Turkish languages.

Coverage results

Single source

Multi source

Usability results

Workflow process usability

  • Can upload and test multiple documents together
  • Auto-fill metadata for documents
  • The system uses original file names for report
  • There are no word limit for the testing document
  • The system display text in the chosen language only
  • The system can process large documents (for example, a bachelor thesis)

Result presentation usability

  • Reports are downloadable
  • Results are saved in the user’s account and can be reviewed afterwards
  • Matched passages are highlighted in the online report
  • Matched passages are highlighted in the downloaded report (offline)
  • Evidence of similarity is demonstrated side-by-side with the source in the online report
  • Evidence of similarity is demonstrated side-by-side with the source in the downloaded report
  • Document formatting is not changed in the report
  • Document page numbers are shown in the report
  • The report is not spoiled by false positives

Other usability aspects

  • System costs are clearly stated in the system homepage
  • Information about a free system trial version is advertised on the web-page
  • The system can be integrated as an API to a learning management system
  • The system can be integrated with the Moodle platform
  • The system provides call support
  • The call support is provided in English
  • English is properly used on the website and reports
  • There are no external advertisements


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