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Test 2008 – S25 Eve2

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Software Steckbrief

Nummer S08-25
Produkt Eve2
Hersteller Canexus
Software-Typ installieren unter Windows


Eve2 ist ein System, dessen Test auch 2007 nicht durchgeführt wurde, da wir das Geld von 2004 bisher nicht zurück bekommen haben. Wir haben auf alle möglichen Arten versucht jemanden zu kontaktieren, aber selbst unter der Handy-Nummer war niemand erreichbar.

Mit diesem Problem sind wir offensichtlich nicht allein, wie dieser Quelle entnommen werden kann:

“ I find that when attempting to use Eve2, I meet with the following fatal errors on my system
1) ms word files result in a crash during the preliminary file analysis stage.
2) No (zero, zilch) plagiarism is found in clearly plagiarised essays.
3) Until recently the company’s email addresses (all five contact addresses listed on the maker’s site) bounced.
I tried for about six months and the email address bounced all the time.
Recently I have found that my email does not bounce, but after 24 hours I have still to recieve a reply. “

Timothy Takemoto
Associate Professor
Yamaguchi University

Per E-Mail bekamen wir auch die folgende Anfrage zu Eve2:

“ Dear Professor Weber-Wulff,

I have read several articles about plagiarism and software how to detect it.
In the U.S. quite a few recommend EVE2.5 – software which was not tested in your latest test.

I would like to inform you that Inc. seems to be a very questionable company ripping people off.

I have purchased the software.
The installation went well, but the software is not running: Run-time error ‚339‘: Component ‚COMDLG32.OCX‘ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.
I have read all faq’s, I have installed the software on three different computers with different settings and operating systems.
In this case the problem is the software.
I have written messages to Inc: support, technical support, sales and so on.
I have taken every e-mail address I found on their webpage.
Either the message was returned with the comment „user unknown“ or I did not get any reply.
Even the phone numbers provided online to order the software are disconnected.
I do not have to mention that the 10-day money-back guarantee is bogus.

I do not have any software.
I do not have the money.

This is for your information – maybe you want to remove the links regarding EVE2.5 from your webpage.

Thanks and kind regards,
Jane Zima. “