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Software Profile

ID  S13-10
Product  DupliChecker
Company  No information on their website
Software-Type  Online
Pricing  Free
Testdate  23 May 2013


According to the web site, DupliChecker has been offered since 2006. It is a free, online web page for checking texts that are 1500 words or less for plagiarism. The site does not state who runs the site, the domain is registered through a proxy so the true owner is completely unknown. This is a major impediment for using the system in an educational setting.

Pros & Cons

The system was able to find some sources, and was able to deal with the Hebrew tests.

It was only possible to upload small documents up to 50 KB in .doc or .txt format, or to copy up to 1500 words into an online window. Interestingly, for some files there was no plagiarism found when the file was uploaded, but when the same text was copied into the window sources were found.


When a plagiarism is found, the position is marked and a link is given to the source. The copied portion is then marked on that page, but since there is no side-by-side view, it is easy to get confused about what portion was taken from which source in plagiarisms that are from multiple sources. Each source has to be inspected individually.


The system is very minimalistic and not usable for large documents. Only one document at a time can be checked. There is no side-by-side view available.


The system is not generally useful for academic purposes. But for a quick check of a suspicious text it might be worth a try, if one was sure that the text was not being harvested for other uses.