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Tests of Plagiarism Software

The plagiarism detection software tests have generally been written up in German. One paper, „On the Utility of Plagiarism Detection Software“, summarizing the 2007 test, was presented orally at the 3rd International Plagiarism Conference in Newcastle, England, in 2008. A written version, summarizing the 2008 test, was submitted to Plagiary in February 2009. The editor responded in March 2009, stating that it had been sent for review. Since then, no emails have been answered. So as of May 2010, I am putting the paper online: Debora Weber-Wulff. On the Utility of Plagiarism Detection Software.

Other useful tools

There are a number of other useful tools for plagiarism detection and documentation. Here are some links to software that is available, but has not been rigorously tested.

  • similarity texter: Compares two texts in a browser window, highlighting any identical text. With a click on a colored region, the other window moves to this position in the second text.
  • Infix PDF Editor: Even the demonstration version includs the possibility to search for URLs hidden in metadata. This can help find copied portions of text.
  • ABBYY FineReader: Not free, but one of the best OCR software systems available for extracting text from images.
  • Google Books searches through books that Google has scanned. Even if only a snippet is shown to match, the book can be ordered through a library for closer inspection. These results are generally not given when using Google normally.