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C12-17 Crot

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Software Profile

ID C12-17
Product Crot
Web Site
Software Type Online
Costs Free
Test Date 2012-06-04


Ranking for all tests: 11
Ranking for Source Code Test: 10
Ranking for Text Test: 13
Summary: not useful


Crot is a plugin for the Moodle learning management system. We tested it with version 2.2 of Moodle. It was very easy to install. It did not have as many parameters to set as MOSS, another Moodle plugin, did. As soon as the plugin is activated, the students see a warning message in the upload window that their work will be checked for plagiarism. When the files have been uploaded, the administrators can see all of the work handed in and the percentage of collusion. The percentages are, however, unclear, as even comparing a text with itself gives a value less than 100 %. And even when 100 % is given, not all of the text is marked.

Only the name of the user is seen, not the name of the uploaded file, similar to turnitin. The report only has two colors, red and black, so especially moved text is hard to find. The reports are quite simple and cannot be stored or printed. It is also not possible to scroll in both windows at the same time, which can cause a teacher to get lost reading a long file.

In both categories the system did not achieve even half of the possible points, so in summary the system is not suited for use at university.


Screenshot 1: Side-By-Side View

Screenshot 2: Overview

Screenshot 3: Warning


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