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C12-16 Ephorus

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Software Profile

ID C12-16
Product Ephorus
Company Ephorus
Vondellaan 40
3521 GH Utrecht
Web Site
Software Type Online
Costs Offers on Demand
Test Date 2012-04-10


Ranking for all tests: 6
Ranking for Source Code Test: 7
Ranking for Text Test: 2
Summary: useful (text) / not useful (code)


Ephorus is a Dutch system that can also used for general plagiarism detection. A teacher can set up folders in the system and upload one or more files for examination. A .ZIP archive can also be uploaded and is expanded by the system. Since the system only seems to check new documents against old ones, the original files were uploaded first and then the copies. In general use, however, this is not the case so it can be unclear who copied from whom.

There are a number of options that can be set, but the results cannot be opened in new tabs or the overview and an individual document at the same time. The detailed reports at least offer a side-by-side comparison of two documents, with the common text running over both columns.

The system will not accept .java files, so they have to be renamed .txt before they can be examined. Since the system is not geared to program code, it only reaches 16.5 out of 63 points on the code test. It is difficult to understand how the percentages are calculated.

The text test is much better. The system accepts .pdf and .doc files and compare each with the other. It is also not confused by font changes. It achieved 21 out of 28 points on this test.

In summary,  Ephorus is useful for finding collusion between text-based files. It does not perform well at all on comparing program code, so it is considered to only be partially useful overall.


Screenshot 1: Side-By-Side View

Screenshot 2: No Support for Java

Screenshot 3: Unclear Percentages

Business Promotion

„Check every document and thesis or dissertation with one click of a button. Compare your students’ files with millions of previously submitted documents. And with billions of sources on the internet. Find out immediately whether there are any similarities. You never have to search again. Ephorus plagiarism prevention is quick and easy to understand. There’s no fuss with complicated procedures. It is easy, economical and sensible.“


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