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C12-15 Yaplaf

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Software Profile

ID C12-15
Product Yaplaf
Company TU Vienna
Web Site
Software Type Moodle Plugin / Desktop Version
Costs Free and Open Source


System could not be encouraged to run, so it was not graded.


This is a system from the Technical University in Vienna, Austria. The desktop version was downloaded as a ZIP file, but it was not possible to install it. On one Macintosh system (Lion) there were immediate errors thrown on installation. On an older Macintosh (Snow Leopard), a GUI window did appear and asked the user to select a ZIP file with the texts to be compared. When this was done, errors were thrown and the system had to be manually killed.

In summary, it was not possible to install and test this system, so it is not graded.


Screenshot 1: Error Message

Screenshot 2: GUI

Business Promotion (German)

„Yaplaf untersucht(Text-)Übungsaufgaben, die in Moodle (einem populärem Open Source Lern-Management-System (LMS)) abgegeben werden, untereinander auf Kopien / Plagiate.
Dazu wird jede Abgabe mit jeder automatisch verglichen und die Übereinstimmungen in Prozent ausgegeben.“


official website