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C12-10 JEdit JDiff Plugin

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Software Profile

ID C12-10
Product JEdit JDiff Plugin
Company Developed by Dale Anson and Andre Kaplan
Web Site
Software Type Desktop
Costs Free
Test Date 2012-02-29


Ranking for all tests: 13
Ranking for Source Code Test: 9
Ranking for Text Test: 14
Summary: not useful


jEdit is a free editor for Java programs that has many plugins available. One of these is JDiff, that is supposed to find the differences between two files. It is installed using the PluginManager. There is a split screen in which the plugin can be activated and the two files chosen for comparison.  The plugin then colors lines deleted from the version declared the base version in red, changed lines in yellow and newlines in green. It is also possible to automatically insert the changes from one file into the other.

The system only performs a text comparison, and that is only done on .java files, and here multiple lines are often collapsed into one. The split windows can only be scrolled together. While the report does look good, although they cannot be stored, the system itself finds almost nothing.

In summary, this system is not suited for university use in detecting collusion.


Screenshot 1: Text gets reduced to one line

Screenshot 2: Text Overlay in the Help Menu

Screenshot 3: Error Message

Business Promotion

„JDiffPlugin is a visual diff utility for jEdit that shows and highlights side-by-side differences between two files. “


official website