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C12-09 Eclipse Compare

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Software Profile

ID C12-09
Product Eclipse Compare
Company The Eclipse Foundation
Web Site
Software Type Desktop
Costs Free
Test Date 2012-03-22


Ranking for all tests: 9
Ranking for Source Code Test: 12
Ranking for Text Test: 8
Summary: not useful


This program can compare up to three files that are uploaded in an Eclipse project with each other. This means that it can only deal with files that have endings that Eclipse can import. Neither .doc, .pdf, nor .rdf files can be uploaded. Newlines are ignored, umlauts and special characters are not displayed properly

The program is geared towards Java, but is unable to interpret program code correctly. Instead, it just produces a textual comparison. This explains the very low score of 8/63 points. A side-by-side comparison can only be viewed in Eclipse and cannot be printed from there. There are two options, Java Source Compare and Text Compare, but they both produce the same results. It does, however, mark first the lines with differences and then the individual words that have been changed.

In summary, this tool is not useful for the detection of collusion at university.


Screenshot 1: Overview

Screenshot 2: no PDF handling

Screenshot 3: Wrong Mapping of Moved Methods


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