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Test 2010: S10-39 PlagiarismSearch

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Software Profile

ID S10-39
Product PlagiarismSearch
Company no information
Web Site
Software Type Online
License-Typ document/ month price
Single Paper Report ? $ 7,95
Advanced Plagiarism Check System 20 $ 18,95
Advanced Academic Staff Plagiarism System unlimited $ 39,95 per month
Test Date 2010-09-20


Ranking for all tests: 20
Ranking for tests 10-40: 21
Ranking for tests 31-40: 21
Usability: 13
Professionalism 20
Middle Ranking 19
Effectiveness (Grade): F
Overall Ranking: 22



PlagiarismSearch answered their emails promptly, but would not give us a free account to test. We decided to purchase an “advanced academic staff” license and were able to start immediately after the PayPal purchase went through. Only one paper could be tested at a time, and then only using copy and paste into a text box. The reports are incomprehenisble, reporting matches with text that not only is not identical, but not even in the same language! It did find some sources, however, so it is not in very last place. The terms of service here, too, give themselves rights to do whatever they want to with the text submitted.

Company Statement


Screenshot 1: Broken URLs.

Screenshot 2: The result does not match with the searched text.

Screenshot 3: The languages of the texts do not match.

Business Promotion

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