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Test 2010: S10-34 GenuineText

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Software Profile

ID S10-34
Product GenuineText 4
Company KnowNet AB
Hultgrens väg 5B
443 38  Lerum
Web Site
Software Type Online
Costs free
Test Date 2010-09-14


Ranking for all tests: 19
Ranking for tests 10-40: 21
Ranking for tests 31-40: 12
Usability: 16
Professionalism 11
Middle Ranking 15,8
Effectiveness (Grade): F
Overall Ranking: 17



GenuineText is a Swedish system that supposedly offers an English-language version, but which slips back into Swedish annoyingly often. A nice touch is that the teacher can set the status for each report to approved, doubtful, or not approved. The user interface is in need of a thorough testing, we had trouble with windows freezing, information not being visible, buttons missing on a Mac in Firefox that are present in Safari. We were not able to complete the tests at first try, the company said that they had suffered a denial of service attack and asked us to wait a few days. There was supposedly a new version then available, but it would not let us log in. Another new version showed up and had fixed many of the design problems, but the reports were reported as being in progress. That kept up all day, four days later the reports were all finished – and not one reported any plagiarism! We retried a number of tests that the very first test had found sources for, but the new version reported no problems with any of these. On the basis of the tests completed the first time, GenuineText only found 46% of the plagiarisms, which was not sufficient for more than useless. Finding no plagiarism at all is much, much worse. The system may perhaps still be in development, but during the 17 days that we were able to work with the system it was not usable.

Company Statement


Screenshot 1: overview

Screenshot 2: comparison

Screenshot 3: language problem

Screenshot 4: result

Business Promotion

“GenuineText is a unique search engine used at colleges and universities in Sweden, Denmark, Russia, as well as several institutions of higher education in Africa. The application searches for highly similar or identical texts on the Internet. It is utilised to find material that students may have used for essays and dissertations in breach of their institutions academic code of conduct.
A large number of institutions are currently using GenuineText for this purpose. Researchers and professors may also find the application practical in searching for material matching their needs in academic research. ”


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