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Test 2010: S10-16 CatchItFirst

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Software Profile

ID S10-16
Product CatchItFirst
Web Site,
Software Type Online
Costs 5 dokuments 5$10 dokuments 8$
Test Date 2010-07-28


Ranking for all tests: 22
Ranking for tests 10-40: 17
Ranking for tests 31-40: 11
Usability: 15
Professionalism 20
Middle Ranking 17
Effectiveness (Grade): F
Overall Ranking: 18



Catch It First always returned “100% original” in the 2007 test, and did not prepare reports in the 2008 test. This time we actually had reports that could be evaluated. The first 10 test cases always listed us as the source, there was no way to eliminate one of the given sources. Overall the system only reached 35% of the possible points. Attempts to contact the company were not successful, we only had an automatic answer to our email. There is no street address or telephone number given. The reports were unusable, as they could not be printed in Firefox, and just underlined the supposed plagiarism, giving a collection of links at the top.

Company Statement


Screenshot 1: Overview

Screenshot 2: text input

Screenshot 3: text accepted

Business Promotion

“The most advanced online plagiarism detection service. will check any document against billions of web pages and generate an originality report.”


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