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Test 2010: S10-12 ArticleChecker

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Software Profile

ID S10-12
Product ArticleChecker
Company no information
Web Site
Software Type Online
Costs free
Test Date 2010-08-03


Ranking for all tests: 25
Ranking for tests 10-40: 27
Ranking for tests 31-40: 27
Usability: 25
Professionalism 25
Middle Ranking 25,8
Effectiveness (Grade): F
Overall Ranking: 26



Article Checker consistently reported 0 hits with Google, although following the link there was, indeed, something to be found. You can select Yahoo or Google as the search machine to be used, and post some text or give a URL. There ads on the page for other dubious plagiarism detection systems. We debated breaking off the test, but worked through all of the test cases – this system comes in last, no matter how you look at the results.

Company Statement


Screenshot 1: The homepage of ArticleChecker.

Screenshot 2: No results on Google.

Business Promotion

“Check Search Engine Coverage, Check Articles and Website Pages For Duplication”


official website