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Test 2010: S10-05 PlagAware

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Software Profile

ID S10-05
Product PlagAware
Company Dirk Malthan, Ruländerweg 14, 89075 Ulm
Tel.: +49 731 9214253
Web Site,
Software Type Online
Costs There are different models for payment:

payment model ScanCredit / month
Costs per month
FREE 30 3,0 ct.
LIGHT 150+30 2,99 €
STANDARD 500+30 7,49 €
PREMIUM 1500+30 14,99 €

1 ScanCredit per URL or 250 words

Test Date 2010-09-13


Ranking for all tests: 4
Ranking for tests 10-40: 6
Ranking for tests 31-40: 1
Usability: 4
Professionalism 2
Middle Ranking 3,4
Effectiveness (Grade): C-
Overall Ranking: 1
partially useful


The top-ranked system in the 2010 test is PlagAware. It tied for first place with Copyscape on the new test cases with 70%, however still only detecting 61,11% of the plagiarism cases 10-40. PlagAware is a German system that produces excellent documentation of the plagiarism found, highlighting the commonalities in a side-by-side presentation. However, its usefulness at university is limited, as each file must be uploaded individually – no ZIP file or student-submission is possible. The system was not designed to be used in a university setting, but rather to find plagiarisms of online texts, which is important for sites trying to optimize their search machine ranking, as plagiarism will contribute to downranking. The system has improved for university use since the last test, as previously only texts could be checked that were available online and had a logo linking back to the PlagAware site. We hope that this system might eventually develop its system to the point of being useful for educational purposes.

Company Statement


Screenshot 1: Overview

Screenshot 2: nice Side-by-Side View

Screenshot 3: often have to click per file

Business Promotion

„PlagAware is an online-service, which offers services around the topics Searching, finding, analysing and tracing of plagiarisms. The central element of PlagAware is a search engine, which is specialised in detecting identical contents of given texts. Contrary to the plagiarism scanning with classical search engines, the places of finding are not directly transferred to the user, but analysed on the rate and the type of analogy, before a message to the user is written. By this the differing result reports of PlagAware allow to recognise very fast the percentage and the distribution of the copied text contents, thus permitting an efficient and secure rating of a possible plagiarism.“


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