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Einst lebte eine Dohle, voll von eitlem Stolz, die stahl sich Federn, die dem Pfau entfallen warn und putzte sich damit. Das eigne Dohlenvolk ver- achtend trat sie in der schönen Pfauen Reihn. Der Unver- schämten reißt man hier die Federn aus, jagt sie mit Schnäbeln. Und die Dohle, bös verbleit will wieder nun betrübt zu ihrem Volk zurück. Die aber stoßen sie von sich, mit herbem Schimpf. Und eine derer, die zuvor verachtet, sprach zu ihr “Hätt’ unsre Lebensart dir vormals conveniert, hätt’st du, was die Natur dir schenkte, akzeptiert, dann wär dir weder jene Schande widerfahrn noch müsstest du zum Unglück jetzt verstoßen sein.”

Diese Version von Aesops Fabel ist aus Wilfried Strohs Sammlung von Übersetzungen von Jan Novák: “Aesopia”, die auf Geschichten von Phaedrus basieren.

Test 2010: S10-07 StrikePlagiarism

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Software Profile

ID S10-07
Product StrikePlagiarism
Company Sp. z o.o.
ul. Etiudy Rewolucyjnej 32a
02-643 Warsaw, Poland
Web Site
Software Type Online
Costs You need either a university license or a publishing license (negotiate individually). 1 Token is valid for up to 25,000 characters, a document may contain more than 500,000 characters. Cost point per token: 2.46 € net.
Test Date 2010-09-14


Ranking for all tests: 15
Ranking for tests 10-40: 14
Ranking for tests 31-40: 5
Usability: 22
Professionalism 2
Middle Ranking 11,6
Effectiveness (Grade): D
Overall Ranking: 12

barely useful


StrikePlagiarism is a Polish system that we have tested twice before. They had improved their overall effectiveness in the 2008 test, but have now dropped to just 52%. They had similar problems to Copyscape, not flagging plagiarisms they found in 2008, and reporting plagiarism in original papers that they had not previously reported. On the English-language new test cases they did, however, reach 5th place. The usability was, however, again problematic. The page loads extremely slowly; we could not find a way to upload a PDF; a title and an author had to be entered by hand for every paper uploaded; there were pages that had English, German, and Polish on them, the language would change at times without notice; horizontal scrolling was necessary; we still do not understand what the difference in the coefficients is; once it finds a source (Wikipedia!) with 7 words matching, it does not seem to try and extend the matching, thus reporting only a small amount of plagiarism in a 100% copy of the Wikipedia. We were, however, able to reach someone who was able to speak English with us on the phone.

Company Statement


Screenshot 1: Homepage

Screenshot 2: it’s analysing

Screenshot 3: To fill out when uploading

Screenshot 4: error messages in Polish

Business Promotion

„Our aim is to combat copyright infringements and the unauthorised use of another’s intellectual property. We are creating an Antiplagiarism Network that extends nationwide aiming to protect the work of Polish researchers and students. We cooperate with universities, government bodies and publishing houses. We also support private individuals hoping to prevent their intellectual property from plagiarism.“


official website