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C12-06 CodeSuite

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Software Profile

ID C12-06
Product CodeSuite
Company SAFE Corporation
Web Site
Software Type Desktop
Costs „Licenses are US $3,000 for a 6-month unlimited license and 5,000 for a 1-year unlimited license.“
Test Date 2012-02-29


Ranking for all tests: 7
Ranking for Source Code Test: 5
Ranking for Text Test: 10
Summary: not useful


CodeSuite is a system that specifically targets source code plagiarism, DocMate is for comparing text documents with each other. There are eight different tools collected in Code Suite that offer functionality specific to collusion detection. After a tool is selected, two directories must be chosen for the comparison. A database is prepared and then a report is generated. CodeMatch shows the matching parts of code, CodeDiff the differences. The system does not just do textual matching, but looks at the structure of the underlying code. Comments, for example, are ignored. CodeSuite finds code that has been moved, but not does not react if the code contains variable renaming or the insertion of dummy parameters.

DocMate also takes files that are in folders and compares each with the others. It only looks at words that are longer than three letters, and it ignores punctuation marks — but it replaces them with a newline character. It has some problems with reading in the files, it interpreted formatting information in a .doc file as content, that then matches the same formatting information in other documents. Files in .pdf-format cannot be used at all.

In both categories the system still did not achieve even half of the possible points, so in summary the system is not suited for use at university.


Screenshot 1: Error Message

Screenshot 2: not understandable overview



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