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Einst lebte eine Dohle, voll von eitlem Stolz, die stahl sich Federn, die dem Pfau entfallen warn und putzte sich damit. Das eigne Dohlenvolk ver- achtend trat sie in der schönen Pfauen Reihn. Der Unver- schämten reißt man hier die Federn aus, jagt sie mit Schnäbeln. Und die Dohle, bös verbleit will wieder nun betrübt zu ihrem Volk zurück. Die aber stoßen sie von sich, mit herbem Schimpf. Und eine derer, die zuvor verachtet, sprach zu ihr “Hätt’ unsre Lebensart dir vormals conveniert, hätt’st du, was die Natur dir schenkte, akzeptiert, dann wär dir weder jene Schande widerfahrn noch müsstest du zum Unglück jetzt verstoßen sein.”

Diese Version von Aesops Fabel ist aus Wilfried Strohs Sammlung von Übersetzungen von Jan Novák: “Aesopia”, die auf Geschichten von Phaedrus basieren.

Test 2010: S10-11 PlagScan

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Software Profile

ID S10-11
Product PlagScan
Company Resonet UG
Käthe-Kollwitz Straße 13
55128 Mainz
Web Site
Software Type Online
Costs There are different payment models and different account types. These are the prices for single user and power user:

Price PlagPoints Amount per PlagPoint Words| Pages
5 € 400 PP 1,25 c 40.000 | ca. 160
10 € 1.000 PP 1,0 c 100.000 | ca. 400
60 € 10.000 PP 0,6 ct. 1.000.000 | ca. 4.000
Test Date 2010-08-03


Ranking for all tests: 8
Ranking for tests 10-40: 8
Ranking for tests 31-40: 5
Usability: 1
Professionalism 4
Middle Ranking 5,2
Effectiveness (Grade): C-
Overall Ranking: 4

partially useful


Fourth in the group of partially useful systems is PlagScan, a German system. This system used to be called PlagiatCheck and came in 10th in the 2008 test. One purchases “Plag Points” (PP), a test costs 1 PP per 100 words tested. The administrator sets up users and assigns them points for use. The system had trouble with umlauts, that is to have been corrected since we conducted the tests. There are three kinds of reports, a list of possible sources with links to click on, the submitted document with the suspicious areas linked to a possible source, and a docx file with the sources in comments. Sorely missing is a side-by-side presentation that is necessary for going forward with sanctions. Despite all its problems, PlagScan was first place in usability, but only 8th place in overall effectiveness with only 60% of the points awarded for finding plagiarisms.

Company Statement


Screenshot 1: The report page is clear and tidy.

Screenshot 2: The reports are not self-explanatory.

Screenshot 3: Japanese source found in UTF-8

Business Promotion

PlagScan stands for professionalism

  • All documents are treated 100% confidential
  • You control whether your document is checked against others, or not
  • Integration via API in your existing CMS or learning management system possible

Plagiarism check as easy as pie: PlagScan

  • Annotations directly in the document, check without additional work
  • No installation – complete functionality in every browser
  • All popular formats can be processed

Save time with PlagScan

  • Check several documents in parallel.
  • Fully automated document analysis.
  • No use of your resources, all computation is carried out on our servers.”


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